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What does Nizoral cream contain?

Each gram contain 20mg ketoconazole, which kills all the common types of skin fungi that cause infection.


What Skin problems does Nizoral cream Effective treat?

Nizoral cream Safely and effectively treat all common fungal skin infections, including: Tinea Infection (an-an), Ringworm (buni), Athlete’s Foots (alipunga), and Jock Itch(had-had or hulas)


How does it work?

Nizoral cream quickly penetrates skin to kill the root cause of fungal infection. It acts very rapidly to relieve itching symptoms and reduce redness, skin irritation and inflammation(swelling).


How do I use Nizoral cream?

Just apply a small amount on the affectedarea(s) and massage the cream with your fingers until the product is evenly distributed on the skin.

How often should I apply Nizoral cream?

Once a day (1x) application on the affected areas is sufficient for all common types of skin fungal infection.

For athletes foot, it is recommended to apply twice a day. Duration of treatment: 2-4 weeks depending on the type and severity of infection.

Store at temperature not exceeding 30°C. keep out of reach of children.

Nizoral Cream 3.5g

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